Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I will be posting Thursday to show off Littlest Gifts. They are great. I have been hard at work-at work.:)

So sorry, no picture.

But there will be some tomorrow.

Bye for now.

Friday, December 19, 2008


Thursday I woke up and said. "UH I need to blog!" I got ready for work. I said "UH I need to blog!" SO I got online and....I started looking for a Christmas present for Cowboy, and Littlest Cowboy. I got tied up in that, and I didn't post. Then the computers at work are so slow, I didn't post there. Then I came home and slept. (I'm fighting off a cold.) Anyways...Here's what I was going to say on Thursday.

You might ask, "Uh, is that a cowboy hat on the top of that tree?" And the answer would be yes, yes it is a cowboy hat on the top of the tree. You might even ask "Is that barbed wire and a cowboy's rope wrapped around the tree?" Again the answer would have to be yes, why yes it is. Nice uh? It's my attempt at being super crafty. Don't hate!! Here's another shot of it for ya!

One could also say. Hey farmgirl, where did you get such a wonderful looking tree? Why my back yard! Yeah, we totally cheaped it out this year and went and cut one off the back property! Also you could ask what are the wires for at the bottom? Yeah, um, that's to keep the tree up in the stand. See, the base is too small. Nice Uh? And you could say nice selection of Kraft Food's magazines. I know they are there. I need to put them in the kitchen. But then you would have seen the Successful farming magazines and that would just defeat the whole blog of "Poverty" Creek!

Now some Christmas Info...

X-mas. It's OK to use that term as a Christian. "Christ" was often written as "XP" or "Xt"; there are references in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle as far back as AD 1021. This X and P arose as the uppercase forms of the Greek letters χ and ρ), used in ancient abbreviations for Χριστος (Greek for "Christ"), and are still widely seen in many Eastern Orthodox icons depicting Jesus Christ. (

However, I have been corrected several times by fellow Christians. Just to let all those that read this blog (5 of you) that X-mas is OK. I'm a Christian, and in no way am I taking Christ out of Christ-mas (X-mas).

PS--I just enlarged those shots. I'll be dusting next. Sorry. Man, I really just did that 2 weeks ago. Shocking I know!

PPS--I also am adding some kind of skirting to the tree. Hopefully it will help to hide those lovely cords from the TV/satellite. Sorry you had to see that.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

first day back at work was my first day back at work. I truly thought about all you out there in blog land today as I sat and ate lunch. I wanted to sign in and blog, but since that would be on the computer at work, I thought I probably shouldn't. So I'm blogging now. (Is it OK to turn the noun blog into a verb and say blogging?)

I got home today. Ate the dinner I had prepared and sat with Littlest and played for a while. He wanted to get out his new animal quilt he got as an early Christmas present. One of my mom's best friends made it for him, and he LOVES it. It has tons of different animals on it. One of the animals is a penguin. He proceeded to show me how a penguin walked. Displayed for you below.

Too Cute I know. Really it would be better if I could "turn" the video. But I didn't think about it at the time.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sad Day

It's a sad day at Poverty Creek Farm. My ship has sailed. I have found a new job. I'm no longer stay at home mom to the Littlest Cowboy. He'll be at his Mawmaw's (southern for grandma's) during the day when cowboy and I aren't at home. I've cried all day. I mean I'm really glad to have a job. It's not that we have a lot of toys to pay for. We don't even have a lot of cars to pay for. We have a small amount of personal debt. We have my school debt (which I'm not happy that I have, but I do, so whatever). And we have our farm that we still owe 5 years. So I'm going to go back to work. I'm going to try to earn money on the side. And beat that debt down. Really I've cried all day that I won't get to play with Littlest Cowboy all day anymore. It makes me want to homeschool him. I haven't voted against that, I will be debt free by then. Anyway. I'll leave you with a shot of Cowboy today. I know your mouth is watering!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Winter Cold

No I don't mean that it's cold outside. But really it is. I have a stupid old head cold. Sneezing like crazy. Nose running like a faucet. Eyes feel like they have sand in them. Oh and the bricks that are sitting on my head. It's all very nasty feeling.

Yeah. That's what I'm doing. Sorry, but we all do it sometime.

OK, So La Vida Mia I will post pictures of my unpainted chicken tractor Thursday. It hasn't gotten warm enough here to paint anything outside since we completed this project. And I am not going outside today to take the pictures. My wonderful Cowboy did my morning chores for me. He's so wonderful.

Well I'm off to disinfect areas of the house I have been today.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


So my little sister over at La Vida Mia is gripping because I haven't posted yet. Goodness. She's on the ball. But have you checked out her blog?? She hasn't posted in FOREVER!!! since Nov 17th. Yeah so there Red. Blah Blah Blah!!!

So today Littlest Cowboy and his girlfriend went with grandpa today to the doctor.

They were SO cute with him. Grandpa loves it when I bring the monsters over. We had to much fun today. We went to doctor's offices and then as a treat they go to McDonald's. They have an indoor play yard. Goodness they played and played.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I wish I had something interesting to say. But um. No. Nothing interesting. No job offers, no job anything. Yeah!!! over here!!! I need a job!!!

I really wish I could afford to stay at home and make money from here. From the farm. But that won't be enough to cover our expenses until the farm is paid off. We've got about 5 more years.

More light and airy discussion- Dinner. Tonight we are having

(picture provided by Campbell's Kitchen)

Skillet Fiesta Chicken & Rice

From: Campbell's Kitchen
Prep: 5 minutes
Cook: 20 minutes
Serves: 4


1 tbsp. vegetable oil
4 skinless, boneless chicken breasts halves
1 can (10 3/4 ounces) Campbell's® Condensed Tomato Soup (Regular, Healthy Request® or 25% Less Sodium)
1 1/3 cups water
1 tsp. chili powder
1 1/2 cups uncooked instant white rice
1/4 cup shredded Cheddar cheese


Heat the oil in a 10-inch skillet over medium-high heat. Add the chicken and cook for 10 minutes or until it's well browned on both sides. Remove the chicken from the skillet.

Stir the soup, water and chili powder in the skillet and heat to a boil.

Stir in the rice. Place the chicken on the rice mixture. Sprinkle the chicken with additional chili powder and the cheese. Reduce the heat to low. Cover and cook for 5 minutes or until the chicken is cooked through and the rice is tender. Stir the rice mixture before serving.

Tip: Try Mexican-blend shredded cheese instead of the Cheddar if you like.

Friday, November 28, 2008

The day after Thanksgiving.

Are you still giving thanks. I am. We had a wonderful day yesterday full of family fun. Trips to aunts and uncles and grandparents houses. I think thanks giving should be everyday. My next task is to try to be thankful for something everyday.

Short and sweet today. I have to go pick up meat at the processors today.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I promise it's not a relapse

I know I missed a post yesterday. I am not going back to my old ways. I will still post 2 times a week. We have been over busy here. I thought about posting at 7:00 yesterday morning (because I post on Tuesday's and Thursday's). But our day had already been running at full speed at that time, and for about 2 hours prior. I really didn't forget you through out the day. I mean, the 2 people who read this blog were probably like "what the crap!!" But we truly didn't stop until about 2am. That's how crazy it's been. Oh but I did get a Mod Podge project done. (I really should post pictures of it.)

A few farm updates-
chickens-soon I hope. The "chicken tractor" is about done, but the Thanksgiving holiday is holding us back a little.
baby calf-doing good. She's made it through the young months healthy, lets see how she does after this first set of vaccines.
Pig-growing nicely, soon he should be in the freezer too.
Bulls-due to a futurity in a month (please let someone be interested in one at a handsome price.
Littlest Cowboy-riding in a winter series. Hopefully going to Kick BUTT!
Cowboy-still working, thank goodness
Me (aka me)-no job yet :(

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Today is crazy busy. I will update this post later today. I am watching Helpless's littlest girl, she's also Littlest Cowboy's Girlfriend. We have to run and pick up milk. Then go get my 88 yr old grandmother and take her for her hair appointment. It should be a fun day.

Oh and my Mountain Girl Friend has a blog now. Totally go check it out.

Kiss and stuff. Will be back later today.

So...Later that day. Have you ever read a book that had that line? Mostly 6th and 7th grade I think. Anywho...this morning Littlest's girl friend came over this morning. We jumped straight in the truck and went to the neighboring farm to get milk. Then we brought it home and went and picked up my grandmother. She had a hair appointment the same time my grandfather had a doctor's appointment. So the 4 of us went to the hair salon. It's always fun to take a 3 yr old and a 2 yr old to sit in a hair salon, and ask them to behave for 2 and a half hours.

Yep, that's how long it took for my grandma to "get her hair done/fixed" (that's a southern term). Fixed--as if it were broken or something.

But it was well worth the wait.

Isn't she great. And her hair dresser is wonderful too. So Littlest didn't take a nap today. So goodnight. We are all going to bed at 8 o'clock tonight.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It's starting to look a lot like winter. As you probably remember (because I'm sure you read and follow my blog like a stalker) we have a bottle fed calf. Her name is Hope, because we hoped she lived. I keep her up in a run in shed at night because I want to keep her alive. We have several coyotes and stray dogs in the area, she'd be easy prey. I put her out on a line/chain during the day so she can graze. I don't want her out in the big pasture with the longhorns. Hopefully Littlest will show her next year at the fairs. Well this morning her water was frozen!! Hard and almost solid. I had to break it up for her to have water today. I will have to check it at lunch.

We are preparing for Thanksgiving here. Menus have been made cooking started. There will be 25 people attending Thanksgiving at my mom's house. It will be fun fun. I like having a lot of people at the holidays. It makes you thankful for family, and it makes you thankful for quiet as well.

** All pictures on this post are stock photos from

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just another Manic....Thursday

Do you remember that song? Well I mean it's supposed to be Monday, but it's really Thursday today, so.... Just another manic Thursday. It's raining. So we are stuck inside today. I'm very happy for the rain. Lord knows we need it. I need to iron today since I really can't do anything much outside.

What's for dinner you ask? Well not really, that's what I'm asking. I think we are going to have...spaghetti. That way I can use the bead I made the other day (since I don't have any store bought garlic bread). Thanks for helping me meal plan.

Littlest told me today after I sneezed 3 times and didn't say "bless me" that if I didn't say "bless me that I would get sick". Did you know that? So if you are sick, according to Littlest, it's because you didn't say "bless me". So--get on that!!!

Oh yeah a pic.--

View from our front porch at dusk.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I love an easy recipe. This one can't get much easier.


1 large can kidney beans, drained
1 10oz can dark kidney beans, drained
1 lb ground meat (deer, beef, elk) cooked
1 large can crushed tomatoes
1 10oz stewed tomatoes
1 onion, chopped
seasonings to taste-garlic, red pepper, salt, pepper, parsley, chili powder

Put all in crock pot, and cook all day.

Really it's easy peesy.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I know it's Wednesday night. But tomorrow I'm going to be really busy and I'm afraid that I won't have time to post this.

I got a visit from someone in Canada. Isn't that cool? When you blog, you get to read all this statistical data. I have an average of 4 readers and someone jumped on my site from Canada. I am really excited.

Farm News

One of Husband's clients is moving to Oklahoma. She has about 13 laying hens. She's GIVING them to me. That's right. No money involved. I'm pretty excited about it. I've already designed my chicken coupe. I'm not sure husband will build it to my "specs" but if not, I'll just build it myself.

So that brings out total of food producing animals to 13 chicken (layers), 1 beef cow, 1 meat pig, and that's it I think. Can I count the fish in the pond??

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


It's Fall/Autumn beautiful? I think this is my favorite time of the year. The colors are so vibrant and striking. These pictures are from the farm, and the colors I'm getting to enjoy this week.

I got to spend time this weekend with my agri friends. They are both agriculture teachers. They are so much fun. We went shopping in Boone, NC at the outlet mall. They were having killer sales, so I got a few Christmas presents.

I also fixed my grocery list center. Husband will take the pens from my grocery list and not return them. So I've fixed it were he's not so inclined to walk off with my pens.

Not all that crafty. but hopefully effective.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trail Riding

We went to Turtle Island Preserve yesterday and rode all day with Eustace Conway. I've blogged about him before but for those that don't know he's pretty famous. We got to ride with Denise from NC Tool (a farrier supply company) and her friend Pam who is a wine maker from a local vineyard (as soon as I find out which one I will change this and put it in).

So below are some pictures from the day. It's not a detailed post today. I've got to take Littlest to the doctor. I think he has an ear infection.

The group

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Real Quick

Ok, so this weekend was great once we got there. We went through some trouble with campers, but all-in-all everything turned out great. I'm posting quickly because I have to go mow grass for my dad. I promised him I'd get it done today and I have to. So I'm throwing up a video of Littlest Cowboy at the rodeo. I'm also including some photos. But that's all you are getting from me today. Maybe as I'm driving around on the lawn mower I will think of a great post and do an extra post today.


Standing in the back pens

Other Little Cowboys playing the the back pens with Littlest

Littlest and me in the back pens before his go


Friday, October 24, 2008

It's Friday

SO it's Friday. It's Friday. I'm sorry that it's not Thursday. I am supposed to blog on Tuesdays and Thursdays. (As La Vida Mia pointed out for me. Thanks!) BTW--You don't EVER BLOG!!!

I started Thursday morning at 6am. Helpless and her cute little girls stayed at the house the night before. Their new place didn't have water, so they came over and we had a sleepover here. I got up at 6 and started the morning with them. Then we ran all day yesterday until 10 at night.

I hate it but I have to go clothes shopping. I have to have to. I don't have many nice winter shirts. Yeah, um maybe 2. That's not good for someone who only washes clothes once a week. So I guess I'll save up some money, and start hunting for bargains or find patterns to make some cute shirts.

This weekend is a big rodeo (the finals) for the Littlest Cowboy. We'll be traveling down to Pelzer, SC. I'm so excited. I hope Littlest is too. Anyway. I've go to go fold laundry so Husband and littlest have something to wear.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


This is a great picture of my middle sister. I think it's one of her best.

Anyway all I can say is YUCK! I hate a runny nose. I hate an upset stomach. HATE HATE HATE!!!

I started the first lines at 7 this morning. It's now 10 and I'm restarting. It's been a run around morning.

We've been moving helpless over to her new place. She's finally happy and excited about the move.

I'm a little overwhelmed. I have to find a job, or make a job for myself. It's very stressful. I love being at home. But to be able to have a home (we have 5 years left on payments) I have to bring in money. So today as Littlest Cowboy is off at his grandmother's and Husband is working (thankfully) I'm job hunting (and blogging).

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Year of Paint

Not a relevant picture, but you have to admit that it is a great shot.

I know if you look at the time stamp on this it is technically Wednesday. But tomorrow I may not be home at all (well until about 9 at night). So it's 9:30 Littlest Cowboy is in bed, not asleep, but in bed. We have to take my sister over at La Vida Mia to the airport to go to Chicago, IL over her fall break. Littlest Cowboy and I are taking her at 6 am!!! I know. I am treating myself to a Shoney's Breakfast Buffet. YUMMY!!!!

So the :Year of Painting". I've painted and painted and painted this year (well, since I've been laid off). I painted a 2 bedroom, 2 bath house for my stepdaughter earlier this summer. It had to be primed then painted. Then I help my friend Helpless paint a 3 bedroom 1.5 house primed and painted. Then just today I help my neighbor paint the inside of her horse stalls.

Tomorrow I will take La Vida Mia and her friend to the airport. Then stop at Goodwill or The Hospice Resale store for any deals for Helpless and dressers. Then go to Helpless's House and see what else needs to be packed. And hopefully start moving her. I'll be so glad when my day's my own.

I want to comment on politics, but this is not a political blog. I'm not stating if I'm for McCain & Palin or if I'm for Obama & Bidden. But regardless you should be up to date on politics. I'm watching the debates and getting frustrated.

So with all that in mind maybe you'll read all this tomorrow. I'm sure you all (all 5) are jumping on my blog at 6:30 am to read this junk that I write about 2x a week.

OH OH OH! I have exercised 2 times this week. I've done it. WOOOO HOOO! But I have to skip tomorrow, I mean seriously. I'm not exercising at 6:00 am. Yeah a little too early for me.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What to do.

I'm not sure what to do. I haven't found a job yet. It's been 6 months. And nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

I've been fantasising about doing something on my own. My fear (as with most people) is that I can not make enough to help support my family. I've 13 more weeks on unemployment. I'm going to research like crazy (when I'm not helping Helpless paint). And present something to Husband.

SO anyways. We've been painting. I hate painting. I'm so tried of painting. Painting, painting and painting. Helpless and I took a break and went to see Gary Allen and Eric Church in concert at ASU. It was awesome. We had horrible seats, but jumped up and ran up to the barrier and was right in front of the microphone. I was so scared we'd get kicked out. Really I was worried.

Littlest Cowboy's finals are next weekend. We are gearing up for that. Anyways. Off to paint/research.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Crazy Busy

So I told you about my friend, who brought her cows to the local county fair. So for 3 mornings and 3 nights I ran into to won to feed those cows. All I managed to do during that time was wash a few dishes and a few clothes (enough to not be naked). SO there went that post.

Then my other friend called. I had to run to her rescue. So for the last 4 days I've been frantically helping her at her house. SO that's where I've been. I'm so sorry. Or as the littlest cowboy says "I'm worry".

So today Me and above friend (sorry not grammatically correct, but I sounds boring the other way) are headed to Boone, NC. We are going to see Gary Allen in concert (he's a country singer). Helpless friend is desperately in love with him. and if I don't write back it's because Helpless has kidnapped Gary Allen and is turned him into her bedroom slave!!! Shocking I know.

So at Helpless's house we've been painting and painting and painting. It's been a heck of a thing. All that painting is crazy!!!! But it's getting done, and we should start moving her and her family into the new place in a few days.

Don't ask about the exercise thing. I'm not there yet. I'm sorry I was MIA for a while. I truly thought about this blog everyday. I just simply ran out of time. "I'm worry".

No picture today. I couldn't think of one to post.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

I promise, I'll post.

OK, so I've been at the local county fair (which is the largest county fair in the nation) I've been there for the past 4 days. I promise I'll post tomorrow. pictures and all.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Need a cool title to post. Any suggestions?

Littlest cowboy rode out this weekend. We had a youth rodeo this weekend and he did GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! Daddy Cowboy bought the professional shots of Littlest, but I forgot to scan them in. I'll do that tonight. Anyways. He rode out his 4 seconds and did great. He even came in 3rd, and won money! He was totally stoked. On the way home we stopped at Chic-fil-a, they had a playground, he might have been more stoked about that. :) 3 yr olds, what can you do?

Exercise-nope, and don't ask. But I've got 1 month to loose 10 lb. My 10 yr high school reunion is in 1 month. And yes, you can ask why in the world would you do a 10 yr reunion? I don't know. Can you actually accomplish anything but children in 10 yrs? But I'm going. Unless it costs an arm and a leg.

Started making butter yesterday. Well, really I started and finished some butter yesterday. I did the whipped process which is were you allow the cream to come up to room temp. Then put in a glass canning jar and you shake it for about 30 min. When the butter has formed then you rinse and add salt. Did you know the "thin milk" that is left after you make your butter is called buttermilk? That's buttermilk. Cool uh? Then you rinse your butter and put in a glass jar or plastic Tupperware dish and put in fridge. Whipped butter doesn't press well into butter molds, but it sure does taste good on fresh bread.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


So I'm alone today. The littlest cowboy went with his grandmother today. He left at 8. I straightened up the house a little, drank coffee, ate some toast. ALL BY MYSELF!!!!. Remember that song? That song is about NOT wanting to be alone. Mine is :). So since there is nothing on TV I'm watching this totally stupid show called split ends. It's were 2 hair stylists swap places. OH MY GOSH!!! This is totally stupid. It's actually really really stupid. This stupid women brought her dog to work with her, and is offended that the other salon won't let her keep the dog there. This whole show is DUMB!

On to something more relevant. I entered 4 things into the fair yesterday. Raisin Nut Bread. It's Big Cowboy's Favorite. Then I made Peanut butter Cookies from Bakerella's Blog. They were yummy and beautiful. I also entered Mini Cheesecakes, and Cake Pops (also from Bakerella).

I did not exercise. However, we put up 328 square bales of hay yesterday. I think that's an appropriate substitute. Yes, this picture is of round bales, lets not get technical.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's Tuesday!!!

So I'm blogging today. Let me tell you what we did this weekend. We got to participate in Turtle Island Preserve's Fall Open House. You should visit their website. Eustace Conway is the owner/caregiver to this wonderful land. He lives there without power, and farms with horses. Eats what he raises or hunts. He also teaches self sustaining living. He's set 2 world records for riding across country. One on horseback in 103 days, and the other bugging across country in 68 days.

So you ask about my new "habit". Yeah it hasn't gone so well. I HATE exercising. I do best when I can set a schedule. I'm having trouble setting one for exercising. I'm really not sure what to do yet. But I know that I have to exercise tomorrow. I'll let you know on Thursday if I do or not. No I will let you know Thursday that I did (Power of Positive thinking).

Job-None. None. None. I've been hunting feverishly. No luck. I'm trying to not get discouraged. I am thankful and enjoying the time with my son. However, I'm not thankful for the lack of money. But that's how it goes right?

Let's do a little exercise in Positive Thinking. Farming girl will do her exercises every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. She will also find a great job soon.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


No, I don't mean the kind nuns wear. I think that's spelt HABBIT. They say it takes 30 days to start and keep a habit. So, I started my new method of blogging 28 days ago. On Saturday I will have 30 under my belt. So I'm counting this habit as done. Now onto the next habit to start.

I contemplated what I wanted to do. Laundry, Ironing, Baking, Cleaning routines, but these habits here are to be for me. Not my family.

I decided on exercise.

Goodness knows I need to start back. BC (before children) I was fit and trim. So, let's try to get back to that. I'll do measurements today and update this post in the afternoon. I think I'll exercise on my off blog days. So Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I will be doing some kind of exercise.

No, I'm turning this into an exercise blog. No fear for all who read. It's still a totally useless blog. But since I have no job, it will be frugal exercise, and frugal healthy eating. SO that should be in line with the blog.

Onto frugality (I don't think this can be an adjective). In an effort to try to be more frugal we are cutting back on trips into town, trying to not use the drier for clothes, having vacations at home, that kind of stuff. On of the easiest money saving things we do is cut our laundry detergent in half. We were told by the repair man that the washer only needed half of the detergent the laundry company suggested. I have trouble measuring out half, so I literally cut it in half with water. I save 1 bottle, measure out half of the detergent out of a new bottle and put it in my saved bottle. Then I add water. TaDa, done.

SO that's my frugal tip of the day. See you Tuesday with 2 days of exercise under my belt/rear.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Yesterday I put up a 30 lb pumpkin. One of the husbands client's gave it to him. I first cut up the pumpkin. Then cut the big chunks into smaller chunks. Then cut off the rind and put in a huge stock put. I barley covered the pumpkin chunks with water and boiled for about 30 minutes. I checked the chunks and made sure they were tender. After letting the cooked pumpkin cool I drained off the water and using the blender pureaed the pumpkin. Then strained the water off using a cheese cloth. I got 12 cups of pumpkin. SO that should be 6 pies. And fresh pumpkin seeds. Man they were good after I roasted them.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

5 degrees

They say you are only 5 degrees from anyone in the world. Within 5 people you could talk to celebrities, politicians, world leaders, etc. I don't know if that's totally true. But I know that I'm 2 times 2 degrees from JB Mauney!! He's a local celeb. bullrider who is 4th in the world. My friend (I know her through a mutual friend) taught him in high school, and yesterday my dad told me one of his students is JB's cousin. I thought I'd post a picture that was taken last winter at the Greensboro, NC PBR event.

Jack has met several celebrities while shoeing horses. He's met playboy models (he was excited that day!!) He's met world record holders in riding horses cross country. He's met the new bad girl for the new revamped 90210 series. And more. I just can't think of them all right now. I don't know any famous people myself. My only claim to fame is that my mom and dad know Michael Tobias. He's big into making left handed guitars. (That's sad. I don't even personally know a celebrity!)

Who do you know?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Fair, and Stuff

So today starts the local fair. It's a small, quaint little shindig. I however didn't enter a dang craft, baked item, or photograph. I'm kinda disappointed in myself. But it's my own fault. Maybe next year I'll get on the ball with that.

I've worked myself to the bone today. I've done 4 loads of laundry, and cleaned my carpet already and it's only 10:45. If I stay on this roll, I might even get a closet organized. (Don't hold your breath.)

Jimmy went with his grandmother today. SO I have the day to go and do what I want, but I'll probably go over to my friends and help her paint.

We rodeoed (can this be a verb, and is this past tense correct?) this weekend. Jimmy totally kicked butt!!! He rode his sheep like a champ. I've got to get some pictures. I never am able to take them myself, because I'm in the back pens helping him. Then I get so excited during his short 4 second ride, that I couldn't take a picture if I tried. :)

Well, I'm off to call about a job. Hopefully I'll get it, because it would be nice to have 2 incomes again.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


So I mowed grass all day on Sunday. I got it all cut. 5 hours. I now am debating on mowing it all again today. Yes, that is how fast it is growing. But I'll worry about it later. Right now I'm going to show you one of the things I did today.

So a friend of mine is moving. She's painting the entire place inside. So we went to pick out colors for that today.

These are the colors she's going to be using. Every earthy uh? We are going to do a lot with fabric in this place too. It's very small, but it's free. So that's a big savings for them. As we paint, I hope to be able to post here.

I'm either off to mow, or off to clean my carpet. I know, don't get jealous.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Zoo!

We went to the NC Zoo for my husbands birthday. We had a blast. I will post pictures later today. We walked through Africa first.

We got to see the elephants bathing, right in front of us. Jimmy thought it was so cool.

Then we went on to North America. The elk were bulging. That was very neat. And Jimmy got to tell a little girl about elk. Him and his dad were very excited. They study elk and they love to see them. Then we kept walking and came to the polar bear. Rain happened next. But luckily we were underneath the walkway, and got to watch the polar bear jump into the water and swim around.

He stood up on the glass right in front of us. That was very cool. I will be posting pictures after I go to my aunts. I don't have an adapter for this camera she lent me.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


It has rained. And rained, and rained. I am so very happy. I can hear my grass growing. We have been in a pretty bad dry spell. This rain is welcomed with open arms. Usually Thursdays I work on the ever impressive laundry. But since there is cloudy weather, there's no need to even think about hanging something outside. It will never get dry.

I think today I will focus on organizing all my closets. I've needed to do it. I also am cleaning my living room carpet. It gets horribly dirty. I am also going to draw up my plans for my chicken coup.

I want about 3-4 chickens. that would give me 21 eggs a week. Man! I better get to cooking. Eggs are one thing you can not freeze. But I guess I will learn how to pickle them. YUCK! I know, but my husband likes them. I'm not excited about pickling eggs, but will try it for him. And the fact that I hate to waste anything.

Now it's off to feed the bottle calf (next Tuesday's post). Then to run (trying to loose weight again). Then to clean the carpet. Big FUN!

Monday, August 25, 2008


I don't know that I've posted any pictures of any rodeos. This is a huge part of our life, and I should have posted some action shots.

This is a picture of one of our traveling partners. Many rodeos are far away, we hook up with other families who travel, and make it a group effort. This is a bullrider.

The bullrider straps himself to a bull with a rope. He wears a protective helmet, and vest. He also wears spurs and chaps. Bullriders take a ton of beating, and complain very little about it. On the bull is of course the bull riders rope, and a flank rope. This goes around the bull's belly, and is there to enhance the bull's natural talents. Most of the time flank ropes are not tight at all. I've sat in the bleachers at many rodeos, and listened to the spectators around me. They comment that the ropes are tight, or are there to injure the bull to make him mad. However, this couldn't be further than the truth. Take a string, and tie it around your finger. feels weird uh? That's the same as putting a flank rope on a bull. Oh and trust me. You don't want to injure your bulls. They are usually more expensive then the truck and trailer they rode in on. And some bulls just don't like people being in the ring with them. We have one that will let you scratch his head in the pasture. But in the arena...he will grind you into the dirt.

Mutton busting:
I don't have any pictures of Jimmy riding. Holy geesh!!! Next rodeo, I'll have some. My parents should be there. The reason why I don't have any is that I help put him on his sheep every time. SO I'm more concerned about yelling for him to hold on and pull up on his rope. But I'm sure they will get some good shots for me. This one is of me reloading the sheep whenever we we the stock contractors at a local arena.

So that's the rodeo. (At least all the pictures that I have.) I'll post some more in 2 weeks.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New start!

OK, My friend NCDarlingDeere, I'm blogging again. I am giving you all scouts honor that I will post something 2 days a week. I know what you are saying--"yeah right". But truly I will I PROMISE. I figure that since I have no job, and no prospect of one on the horizon, that I should add some form of structure back into my life (besides feeding schedules). So I will be giving you a new entry every Tuesday and Thursday. So here's today's:

When does it end? We had a 2 day rodeo last weekend, and it's taken 3 days to get all the laundry done. And Thursday is my "regular" laundry day. I had to get all the weekend laundry done, along with all the laundry from taking the camper (sheets, towels, etc).

I'm trying to conserve energy/money, and so it's to the clothes line we go after all the washing is done on each load. Speaking of that, I need to start turning off the ac. I better check the weather for temps.

And ironing. My grandma constantly says that she has ironing to do. Gosh, so do I. I hate that I hate wrinkles. I love shirts that are literally crispy sounding. I let all the jean dry on the line. If I do that then I don't have to starch and iron them--thank goodness. So have about 2000 shirts to iron, some starched, some not.

So off I go. I've got 2 hours before feeding time that means 10 shirts. At least that's my goal.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I so Suck at this Blogging thing.

Really I do. I do something, and think "UM, that would be cool to blog about." And then don't do it. Really.

Yesterday it was a beautiful day if you were a duck. It rained all day. A nice slow, soak in the ground kinda rain. Everything got watered. It was one of those days you just sit on the front porch and listen. So it was a great duck day!!

Today. Jimmy and I worked outside today. Then all of a sudden I noticed the cherry tree was ready to pick. Here's our spoils, everything else was too high in the tree.

All the bright reds-are from Jimmy, there is nothing left on the tree under 3.5 ft. He likes to help.

Tomorrow the boys are going camping at the state park. I hope they have fun. I'm not going. I'm staying home and finishing this stupid office. I will be moved into it by Sat after noon. Tomorrow I promise to post the pictures from our 5th Anniversary to Gatlinburg, TN. (It was last weekend-btw.)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Life

Today. OK, today, I woke up at 8, was ready, makeup, clean sink (thanks flylady) and all by 8:30; did laundry; my mother-in-law came down to put a load of laundry in my washer at 12, Monster left with her; I went to apply to a job; came back; took friend to doctor's. Came back drove straight over to wish my mother a day late happy birthday. Came home at 9:00 pm. I didn't stop exec pt to eat lunch.

Oh yeah, somewhere in there I did the dishes.

Anyways this the the picture from my bathroom into my bedroom. This totally explains my life.

But the truck is the Monster's. The jeans are the Husband's and the shoes and high heals are mine. (Usually they are matching ie; black on black, or brown on brown.)

So that is me, farm print bedspread from "Mawmaw husband" and all.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Such a LIER

I lied.

I have no cool office pictures to show you. How do those 2 day shows do it on TV? Heck fire!!!!

So here's what I have--an office with no anything but bare floor's and once painted walls.

Nice uh??? Oh yeah, and a new light fixture.

I promise that's it no magical transformation. But I'll post what I have.

But I will show you some pictures of the Martha Stewart cookies I made. They were Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing.

Sorry, I don't have a pictures of the actual "party". But we had a great time at the monster's 3rd B-Day.

It was very fun, and all his rodeo friends came and ate, and had cookies.

The End.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A new style

So here's a picture of the old me.

Man, I didn't realize my nose was so big.

And this is me after the hair cut. I've never had it this short before.


Tomorrow I will post some picture of my new office!!!! Yeah.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

OKey Dokey Artichoky

That's Jimmy's new saying. He thinks is SSSSOOOOOO Funny. In fact, today he was taking an hour "rest" and kept saying it over, and over, and over, and ... You get the point.

I would post pictures, but the crappy digital camera--as you've heard about in the past, has eaten the batteries. AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! That's it I'm selling every camera we have to buy a SLR digital.

Jimmy came in 2nd again this week at Price's arena. YEah YEAH!

My office is almost finished yeah. I'll take photos with my new camera.

Love me.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Frogmore Stew

Frogmore Stew--We had friends over last night. I should have taken pictures really. --Side note--I am selling all the 35 mm film camera stuff to hopefully by a nice digital SLR camera.

OK-back on topic. Frogmore Stew- Yummy every time.

6 qrts water
3/4 cup Old Bay Seasoning TM
2.5 lb red potatoes, chopped into large pieces
2 lb kielbasa, cut into 2 in pieces
12 ears corn, quartered
4 lb large shrimp

1 Boil your water and Old Bay Seasoning TM in large stockpot
2 Add potatoes, cook for 15 min.
3 Add sausage cook 5 min.
4 Add corn cook 5 min.
5 Stir in shrimp, cook 5 min.
6 Drain and serve.

Really it's good. Oh, I'll take a picture of the left over. Usually I lay out an old towel (clean of course) and "dump" the "stew" on that. Everyone just eats form there. Really it's all so good.

I'll come back later today after my crappy camera batteries charge. I get about 5 pictures out of my batteries now. GRRRRRRR

Saturday, April 26, 2008

I'm horrible

Worst Blogger in the nation award-right there. I'm sorry It's been 6 days. I'm sure the 1 person who reads this is really upset, so I'm supper supper sorry.

We've been busy. Weeding. Weeding. Weeding. That's what I've been doing. I starting my vege garden Monday. I promise to take pictures. Promise Promise, Promise. (Something weird about 3's happening tonight.) Maybe because I have 3 mysterious bruises on me. I have no idea how I got them. One's on my arm. It's really deep. One on my stomach. It looks like someone pocked me really hard and left a bruise. The last on my shin. On the front. I can't remember how that one came up either. Really it's odd.

No job yet. In case you were wondering. Sucks a big one.

I've been working so hard around here I haven't read any of my blogs yet. So I'm off to do that. I promise to be back tomorrow.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Glorious Day

Today is such a glorious day. It is wonderful outside. The high is supposed to be 75F. The sun is shinning. I will be working the daylily beds today. Look at this bed I did the other day. All my soldiers are in a row.

They are itching to bloom- but it won't happen until late May. So I wait.

Oh yeah. I've got a new puppy. A neighbor of my parents found a cute little blue heeler pup. They knew my parents had blue heeler, and thought maybe one had wandered a few miles down the road. So my mom went and got her. Really she's cute, and very smart. She looks very similar to Shelia, my old blue heeler, that is a traitor. She loved my dad so much, she lives with him, even though she's mine. Traitorous little B. Anyway, I've named this one Gypsy.

Blue Heelers are really called Queensland Heelers. They are a working cattle dog from Austraila. Farmers needed something with stamina, intelligence, and grit to work livestock. The Heelers are a mix between a Dingo and a Dalmatian (along with other's in between), these were the base for the breed. The are very smart. Have a ton of energy, but only have 2 speeds. On. Or off. The also are very protective over their owners. They are great dogs. I think I'm going to have Gypsy trained for working cattle.

Enough for today. I'll leave you with one last picture. This is an azalea bush. It's really pretty right now.