Friday, October 10, 2008

Crazy Busy

So I told you about my friend, who brought her cows to the local county fair. So for 3 mornings and 3 nights I ran into to won to feed those cows. All I managed to do during that time was wash a few dishes and a few clothes (enough to not be naked). SO there went that post.

Then my other friend called. I had to run to her rescue. So for the last 4 days I've been frantically helping her at her house. SO that's where I've been. I'm so sorry. Or as the littlest cowboy says "I'm worry".

So today Me and above friend (sorry not grammatically correct, but I sounds boring the other way) are headed to Boone, NC. We are going to see Gary Allen in concert (he's a country singer). Helpless friend is desperately in love with him. and if I don't write back it's because Helpless has kidnapped Gary Allen and is turned him into her bedroom slave!!! Shocking I know.

So at Helpless's house we've been painting and painting and painting. It's been a heck of a thing. All that painting is crazy!!!! But it's getting done, and we should start moving her and her family into the new place in a few days.

Don't ask about the exercise thing. I'm not there yet. I'm sorry I was MIA for a while. I truly thought about this blog everyday. I just simply ran out of time. "I'm worry".

No picture today. I couldn't think of one to post.


Anonymous said...

I love you dear- thanks for feeding my cows ;)

helpless said...

well i am to tired to be funy so i will leave tonight with......well...nothing! but watch what you say cause "helpless" is now watching!

helpless said...

ok two more thoughts.....the 10 year? you are kidding right? and is this the new obsession with the diet and exercise? i am going to kick your ass (after you paint), cause you are hot as hell!