Monday, April 28, 2008

Frogmore Stew

Frogmore Stew--We had friends over last night. I should have taken pictures really. --Side note--I am selling all the 35 mm film camera stuff to hopefully by a nice digital SLR camera.

OK-back on topic. Frogmore Stew- Yummy every time.

6 qrts water
3/4 cup Old Bay Seasoning TM
2.5 lb red potatoes, chopped into large pieces
2 lb kielbasa, cut into 2 in pieces
12 ears corn, quartered
4 lb large shrimp

1 Boil your water and Old Bay Seasoning TM in large stockpot
2 Add potatoes, cook for 15 min.
3 Add sausage cook 5 min.
4 Add corn cook 5 min.
5 Stir in shrimp, cook 5 min.
6 Drain and serve.

Really it's good. Oh, I'll take a picture of the left over. Usually I lay out an old towel (clean of course) and "dump" the "stew" on that. Everyone just eats form there. Really it's all so good.

I'll come back later today after my crappy camera batteries charge. I get about 5 pictures out of my batteries now. GRRRRRRR

Saturday, April 26, 2008

I'm horrible

Worst Blogger in the nation award-right there. I'm sorry It's been 6 days. I'm sure the 1 person who reads this is really upset, so I'm supper supper sorry.

We've been busy. Weeding. Weeding. Weeding. That's what I've been doing. I starting my vege garden Monday. I promise to take pictures. Promise Promise, Promise. (Something weird about 3's happening tonight.) Maybe because I have 3 mysterious bruises on me. I have no idea how I got them. One's on my arm. It's really deep. One on my stomach. It looks like someone pocked me really hard and left a bruise. The last on my shin. On the front. I can't remember how that one came up either. Really it's odd.

No job yet. In case you were wondering. Sucks a big one.

I've been working so hard around here I haven't read any of my blogs yet. So I'm off to do that. I promise to be back tomorrow.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Glorious Day

Today is such a glorious day. It is wonderful outside. The high is supposed to be 75F. The sun is shinning. I will be working the daylily beds today. Look at this bed I did the other day. All my soldiers are in a row.

They are itching to bloom- but it won't happen until late May. So I wait.

Oh yeah. I've got a new puppy. A neighbor of my parents found a cute little blue heeler pup. They knew my parents had blue heeler, and thought maybe one had wandered a few miles down the road. So my mom went and got her. Really she's cute, and very smart. She looks very similar to Shelia, my old blue heeler, that is a traitor. She loved my dad so much, she lives with him, even though she's mine. Traitorous little B. Anyway, I've named this one Gypsy.

Blue Heelers are really called Queensland Heelers. They are a working cattle dog from Austraila. Farmers needed something with stamina, intelligence, and grit to work livestock. The Heelers are a mix between a Dingo and a Dalmatian (along with other's in between), these were the base for the breed. The are very smart. Have a ton of energy, but only have 2 speeds. On. Or off. The also are very protective over their owners. They are great dogs. I think I'm going to have Gypsy trained for working cattle.

Enough for today. I'll leave you with one last picture. This is an azalea bush. It's really pretty right now.

Friday, April 18, 2008

My oh My

I really did post yesterday. I promise. It was beautiful. Creative. But now all that I have is: Go visit my sister's blog. She's in Spain for the semester.
Sorry, but that's I that I have.

Oh and please leave a comment. I'd love to write someone, anyone.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Second Day

This weekend was so much fun. However, because my digital camera is so crappy (and I can't get a new one until I get a job) I didn't get any action shots with it. I did, however bring my 35mm. I have to take the film to have it developed. I will be going into town on Thursday so I should be able to post them.

OK, the 2 day youth rodeo. GREAT GREAT GREAT. Really. I had a ton of fun, because we stayed overnight in the RV. Gosh that thing was great. (It's no Hyatt, it's an 1984 Chevy motor home.) We got there, set up. Did the broncs and sheep. Yeah monster and Great kid (I can't give out names, because I didn't ask.) Our friends stayed with us, which was fun as well. We got to go back to the RV, rest and wait out the 102+ barrel/pole bending riders. Next rodeo I'll take a few shots of those as well, so I can post here. Then we rode bulls-GO Great Kid!!! Camped out, slept, woke up, made breakfast, rode again.

The monster--Chillin'

Oh yeah, My wonderful husband went hunting Saturday morning. He told me I should put the following picture up. So per Husband's request:

I don't have anything great, or frugal today. I can tell you this is the second day of no job. Great. I had plans to already have the laundry room cleaned and organized. Yep, that hasn't happened yet. Um...maybe tomorrow. I will do disgusting before and after pictures.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Welp. Today was the second youth rodeo for the monster. We had a blast. We drove the 1.5 hours down to South Carolina. Took the camper. Cooked out. Spent the night. Gosh we had a ton of fun.

I'll post pictures and write a creative something tomorrow. Today I'm so very very very tired.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Come on some place that needs a, whatever I'm good at. (Sorry to end in a prepositional phrase.) Please just call me about a job. I'm a little worried about the whole no job thing. Really.

Anyway, I'm just very stressed today. I feel stressed. Woke up last night stressed. Stress, stress, stress. Maybe if I run today on the treadmill I'll feel better. Gosh something has to feel better. I hate this dread.

I'm not all that depressed, even though it sounds like it. I try to see the good in everyday. I got up today. I played with my monster today. I have a job for the day. I have friends. It's a glorious day outside. But inside I have all this nervous energy. Maybe I need to take an iron pill. I'll try that and hope this crazy feeling goes away.

Until tomorrow-which is my last day at work. And I'm stressed.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spray paint

I spray painted my kitchen. We live in an older house. We have an old 1950's gas stove, which you'll get to see in this post. I hated the way that area of my kitchen looked. See...

So I went to Walmart to buy spray paint for those canisters listed below. I picked up shiny silver, so it would hopefully look like metal. Then the frugal girl in me saw the following color and it was $1. WooHoo! So I got it. I figured if I didn't like it I could buy the expensive stuff. I think it turned out kinda nice.

And my wonderful husband just told me I needed to finish my project of painting the cabinets. Thanks. I'll get to that next week since no one wants to call me back about a job.


Sunday, April 6, 2008

My Friends!!

I really don't know where this post went. I thought I published it. So anyway...

Sunday, my best friend came to visit me. She's so cool and mega sweet. Here's her pic--

We are calling her Laura. I love her like a sister that I don't fight with. You know those kind of friends.

She and her hubby drove an hour to come visit with us. So while the big boys went to go get drinks for dinner, we ran over to see my mom. Well, Mom was working on a quilted coat. She needed to add the buttons. She pulled out the "BAG-O-BUTTONS" (to be said like some big announcer man).

Which literally,as you can see, is a pillow case FULL of buttons. Most of them are very cool. We couldn't find anything that was just perfect. So---we dyed some. Yes, You can dye buttons. We tried a couple of different kinds, but apparently not all will "accept" the dye. But we dyed the ones for her coat, and it was supper cool. (Yes, E & M-my sisters-Mom dyed buttons.) We did it.

Then we came back home. Ate chili, and some YUMMY broccoli salad that Laura makes. Gosh that stuff it good. It's the kind with raisins, carrots, and other stuff. Man it's good. We talked, had fun, then they had to leave. Which was sad.

I'll be so happy when we get to visit again.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


I promised a night time post. I went shopping today for a bridal shower gift. I forgot to look at the "expensive" registry to find it at the discount store. So I saw a post on some one's blog for this idea.

It's a storage jar with a chalk board area for writing. I would show you. But I didn't read the directions. The paint is supposed to dry for 24 hrs. :o So what am I to do? I'm going to fake it and hope it's dry in about 16 hrs, finish the process in the morning, and send it off to the bridal shower with my mother. Hope it works.

I was going with her. However, we are supposed to have a rodeo tomorrow for Jimmy. But it's also supposed to rain tomorrow. So I'm really not sure that it will happen.

I'll try to post some pictures. Really it's cute when he rides his sheep. I'll explain it all tomorrow. I'll also post some pictures of the "finished" bridal gift.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Sorry Sorry Sorry

I'm really trying to post something everyday. I just remembered I didn't yesterday. I'm trying to treat this better then I do the exercise thing. You see I am trying to get back into my pre-monster clothes. I've made it to some of them...but definitely not all. So I'm trying to run on the treadmill everyday. Well...except for this week, as I haven't touched the thing in 7 days!!!!

Bad I know. Should I run 2x a day for the next week to catch up? I just might do that really. So I'll post twice today. Once while I'm here at my job (as days are ticking away until I'm laid off) and then once when I get home.

The real reason I didn't post last night was because I was working on a project. I am slowly redoing my kitchen (for under $100) I spent $1 on spray paint yesterday and I'll post pictures right after I finish painting the cabinets. That project is only 2 years old. Nice uh?

So...I post my new stove area pictures on Monday. See, if I set a date, then I will actually do it. Bad Bad Bad.

I'll write more later tonight. Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

OK, Today!

OK, Today. Look I'm a poet and didn't know it. Walka Walka! So I'm doing my duty and typing today. I thought I'd take a picture of a few things around the house.

The first is of my Monster. He's going to be 3 in May. He's a rodeo boy in a not so rodeo world.

Isn't he just so cute? At least when he's sleeping, right?

The next is one of our bulls. We raise bucking bulls. Yes Yes, please it's all so glam and fab. I know all you LA people screaming over here to read are like, "Oh my Gosh! I want one too."

And I just remembered a post that I had started last night. Man, I need to get on top of things. So, it's listed below.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I'm starting this blog on 4-1 late, I promise to finish tomorrow at work. I don't have a graphic program at work, so I thought I'd try to figure out something neat for the top of my blog.

I'd like:
But really that is way to fancy for us. Can't you just picture the beautiful southern plantation. Big white 2 story house with the columns in the front. 2 Land Rover's parked out side the kitchen door, horse barn about 100 yards away. Possibly horses grazing peacefully in the front of the scene.

Yeah, that's not us. We are more of this type:
This one really shows us more I think. We have a gingerbread (and that's a HUGE exaggeration) house. It's one story. REALLY old windows, horribly laid out kitchen/ everything. We have 3 cars!!! One is a 1993 F350 Truck; my car a 1993 Chrysler Concord (don't have a big-O or anything over the sexiness of this car), and the husbands work truck of a 1996 F150. Our driveway is a little rough. As in you don't come down it in anything remotely nice, or above 10mi/hr.

There is a second post today.

Work. Work. Work. Or the lack thereof

OK, So I'm going to try this whole blogging thing. I think June would be upset that I used blog as a verb, when I think it is only supposed to be a noun.

I live in Western NC. I work for a small trucking company here. Well. I will until April 11. Because of fuel prices we are crunched here. So being the highest paid in the administration department. I'm being laid off. Not Good. We depend on my income to make it each month. So I will be off to the unemployment office 4-11 to get some $$.

I had already been looking for jobs before this news came to me. I do the company's books, I know what it looked like. So now I'm wasting time at work typing a blog. Nice uh? So I interviewed with a company about an hour away. That was in Feburary. I got a second interview!! That was in March. We are now in April. Please people call me back!! You pay twice what I'm making here, and 3 times more than unemployment. COME ON!!!!!

Ok, enough about that-although it consumes most of my day. I will try to make this only as interesting as I can. You see in 11th grade I took AP English. My teacher, who I think was a putz, said that I was a horrible writer, and didn't know why I was even taking the class. Well duh, I was an over achevier, and needed the extra GPA point to get into the private college that was way to expensive. So I hope if you are reading this you can muddle through it.

I promise to have--gardening stuff (flowers, and vegetables), horsey stuff, cow stuff, and kid stuff on here. I'm not as crafty as The Nester, but if I come across something cool, I'll put that up as well.

Oh, yeah and Jack Russell stuff as well. Not because I love them, but my husband has one. He loves him. I bought a female ot breed. I'm not in love with her, I tolerate her. Now don't get me wrong, she is OK, just too hyper. Sam our male is not at all hyper. You'd have to give him about 1,000 cups of coffee before he thought baout being hyper. So our Molly stays in her kennel during the day, and is out at night for a few hours. So we have been trying to breed the pair, and she won't come in heat. So no happy times for Sammy Boy.

Ok, this isn't as hard as I thought it would be. Now to just keep it up.