Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Project

Jimmy has a new project. This baby calf is about 6 weeks old. He is so excited (for now) about him. Bottle feeding in the pouring rain is no fun though. I'm sure we'll get to do that soon as a monsoon has set in for the week.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Secret Cup-cakes

Do any of you have family that really isn't blood relations, but people you know whom you got to choose that you loved them more than as much as your own family? You know, your "Aunt Betty" who is your mom's best friend, and whom you can talk to NO matter what!!! Someone whom knows everything about you, but whom you don't have to love, but you do. Yeah, me too.

I was over at my "Aunt" Judi's house the other weekend. She made these crazy good cupcakes and I  helped! :)

 We made a regular box cake. Obviously it was a chocolate cake mix. We filled the mini muffin tins about 1/3 of the way with mix. Then we added the mini Reeces Cups and topped them off with a little more cake batter. Bakes as directed. Decorated and...

BAM!!!!!!!! That's about all I can say. They were super yummy and held a fun surprise for the people who didn't help with the baking process. :)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Fresh food

Now this looks delish, right??

 IT WAS!!!!!!

It was super yummy. Our meat was featured at Pleasant City Wood Fire Grill in Shelby, NC. They create a wonderful new specials menu each week based on what is available at the Foothills Farmers Market. Jim, the restaurant manager, does a wonderful job of creating new and innovative recipes each week.

The picture above was of the Pork Chop sandwich that he created. Did I mention it was good? IT WAS!!! Jim pan seared the pork chop. He cooked the apples and onions until they were caramelized. The cheese was made by a local creamery. The bread was also locally baked! There was also mustard on there, and really I think that the mustard added the nicest of twang to the sandwich. Again GOOD!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Market Day

Just a normal day at the market. We are selling meat and jewelry. I know odd combination,r right? But you have to what keeps you sane. It's been a rainy week at the farm. And supposed to rain all day today too. But hat helps the 500 cabbage plant we have set out.