Thursday, May 29, 2008

I so Suck at this Blogging thing.

Really I do. I do something, and think "UM, that would be cool to blog about." And then don't do it. Really.

Yesterday it was a beautiful day if you were a duck. It rained all day. A nice slow, soak in the ground kinda rain. Everything got watered. It was one of those days you just sit on the front porch and listen. So it was a great duck day!!

Today. Jimmy and I worked outside today. Then all of a sudden I noticed the cherry tree was ready to pick. Here's our spoils, everything else was too high in the tree.

All the bright reds-are from Jimmy, there is nothing left on the tree under 3.5 ft. He likes to help.

Tomorrow the boys are going camping at the state park. I hope they have fun. I'm not going. I'm staying home and finishing this stupid office. I will be moved into it by Sat after noon. Tomorrow I promise to post the pictures from our 5th Anniversary to Gatlinburg, TN. (It was last weekend-btw.)

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Anonymous said...

I love you dear... however it is REALLY hard to stalk you on here if you don't post ;) JK... LOVE YA!