Sunday, May 4, 2008

OKey Dokey Artichoky

That's Jimmy's new saying. He thinks is SSSSOOOOOO Funny. In fact, today he was taking an hour "rest" and kept saying it over, and over, and over, and ... You get the point.

I would post pictures, but the crappy digital camera--as you've heard about in the past, has eaten the batteries. AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! That's it I'm selling every camera we have to buy a SLR digital.

Jimmy came in 2nd again this week at Price's arena. YEah YEAH!

My office is almost finished yeah. I'll take photos with my new camera.

Love me.


Marianne said...

ahhh haha,
I can imagine him saying that!
You better take pictures of your new office. Or utilize battery life well. You got two choices, there.

Marianne said...

hey, quit being a hypocrite and write a new blog!