Thursday, September 25, 2008


So I'm alone today. The littlest cowboy went with his grandmother today. He left at 8. I straightened up the house a little, drank coffee, ate some toast. ALL BY MYSELF!!!!. Remember that song? That song is about NOT wanting to be alone. Mine is :). So since there is nothing on TV I'm watching this totally stupid show called split ends. It's were 2 hair stylists swap places. OH MY GOSH!!! This is totally stupid. It's actually really really stupid. This stupid women brought her dog to work with her, and is offended that the other salon won't let her keep the dog there. This whole show is DUMB!

On to something more relevant. I entered 4 things into the fair yesterday. Raisin Nut Bread. It's Big Cowboy's Favorite. Then I made Peanut butter Cookies from Bakerella's Blog. They were yummy and beautiful. I also entered Mini Cheesecakes, and Cake Pops (also from Bakerella).

I did not exercise. However, we put up 328 square bales of hay yesterday. I think that's an appropriate substitute. Yes, this picture is of round bales, lets not get technical.


Marianne said...

hey... how was that show? i wanted to watch it but someone said it was stupid. but they were blonde... so you never know.

FarmGirl said...

hey!!!! I'm blonde. So what's that all about? It's really stupid. Try it you may like it (sorry stole that from "Yo Gabba Gabba!!)