Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Need a cool title to post. Any suggestions?

Littlest cowboy rode out this weekend. We had a youth rodeo this weekend and he did GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! Daddy Cowboy bought the professional shots of Littlest, but I forgot to scan them in. I'll do that tonight. Anyways. He rode out his 4 seconds and did great. He even came in 3rd, and won money! He was totally stoked. On the way home we stopped at Chic-fil-a, they had a playground, he might have been more stoked about that. :) 3 yr olds, what can you do?

Exercise-nope, and don't ask. But I've got 1 month to loose 10 lb. My 10 yr high school reunion is in 1 month. And yes, you can ask why in the world would you do a 10 yr reunion? I don't know. Can you actually accomplish anything but children in 10 yrs? But I'm going. Unless it costs an arm and a leg.

Started making butter yesterday. Well, really I started and finished some butter yesterday. I did the whipped process which is were you allow the cream to come up to room temp. Then put in a glass canning jar and you shake it for about 30 min. When the butter has formed then you rinse and add salt. Did you know the "thin milk" that is left after you make your butter is called buttermilk? That's buttermilk. Cool uh? Then you rinse your butter and put in a glass jar or plastic Tupperware dish and put in fridge. Whipped butter doesn't press well into butter molds, but it sure does taste good on fresh bread.


Marianne said...

ive been posting sometimes, too :)

Marianne said...

...your Thursday post should be here. come on.