Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Zoo!

We went to the NC Zoo for my husbands birthday. We had a blast. I will post pictures later today. We walked through Africa first.

We got to see the elephants bathing, right in front of us. Jimmy thought it was so cool.

Then we went on to North America. The elk were bulging. That was very neat. And Jimmy got to tell a little girl about elk. Him and his dad were very excited. They study elk and they love to see them. Then we kept walking and came to the polar bear. Rain happened next. But luckily we were underneath the walkway, and got to watch the polar bear jump into the water and swim around.

He stood up on the glass right in front of us. That was very cool. I will be posting pictures after I go to my aunts. I don't have an adapter for this camera she lent me.

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