Thursday, August 28, 2008


It has rained. And rained, and rained. I am so very happy. I can hear my grass growing. We have been in a pretty bad dry spell. This rain is welcomed with open arms. Usually Thursdays I work on the ever impressive laundry. But since there is cloudy weather, there's no need to even think about hanging something outside. It will never get dry.

I think today I will focus on organizing all my closets. I've needed to do it. I also am cleaning my living room carpet. It gets horribly dirty. I am also going to draw up my plans for my chicken coup.

I want about 3-4 chickens. that would give me 21 eggs a week. Man! I better get to cooking. Eggs are one thing you can not freeze. But I guess I will learn how to pickle them. YUCK! I know, but my husband likes them. I'm not excited about pickling eggs, but will try it for him. And the fact that I hate to waste anything.

Now it's off to feed the bottle calf (next Tuesday's post). Then to run (trying to loose weight again). Then to clean the carpet. Big FUN!

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