Monday, August 25, 2008


I don't know that I've posted any pictures of any rodeos. This is a huge part of our life, and I should have posted some action shots.

This is a picture of one of our traveling partners. Many rodeos are far away, we hook up with other families who travel, and make it a group effort. This is a bullrider.

The bullrider straps himself to a bull with a rope. He wears a protective helmet, and vest. He also wears spurs and chaps. Bullriders take a ton of beating, and complain very little about it. On the bull is of course the bull riders rope, and a flank rope. This goes around the bull's belly, and is there to enhance the bull's natural talents. Most of the time flank ropes are not tight at all. I've sat in the bleachers at many rodeos, and listened to the spectators around me. They comment that the ropes are tight, or are there to injure the bull to make him mad. However, this couldn't be further than the truth. Take a string, and tie it around your finger. feels weird uh? That's the same as putting a flank rope on a bull. Oh and trust me. You don't want to injure your bulls. They are usually more expensive then the truck and trailer they rode in on. And some bulls just don't like people being in the ring with them. We have one that will let you scratch his head in the pasture. But in the arena...he will grind you into the dirt.

Mutton busting:
I don't have any pictures of Jimmy riding. Holy geesh!!! Next rodeo, I'll have some. My parents should be there. The reason why I don't have any is that I help put him on his sheep every time. SO I'm more concerned about yelling for him to hold on and pull up on his rope. But I'm sure they will get some good shots for me. This one is of me reloading the sheep whenever we we the stock contractors at a local arena.

So that's the rodeo. (At least all the pictures that I have.) I'll post some more in 2 weeks.

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