Sunday, April 20, 2008

Glorious Day

Today is such a glorious day. It is wonderful outside. The high is supposed to be 75F. The sun is shinning. I will be working the daylily beds today. Look at this bed I did the other day. All my soldiers are in a row.

They are itching to bloom- but it won't happen until late May. So I wait.

Oh yeah. I've got a new puppy. A neighbor of my parents found a cute little blue heeler pup. They knew my parents had blue heeler, and thought maybe one had wandered a few miles down the road. So my mom went and got her. Really she's cute, and very smart. She looks very similar to Shelia, my old blue heeler, that is a traitor. She loved my dad so much, she lives with him, even though she's mine. Traitorous little B. Anyway, I've named this one Gypsy.

Blue Heelers are really called Queensland Heelers. They are a working cattle dog from Austraila. Farmers needed something with stamina, intelligence, and grit to work livestock. The Heelers are a mix between a Dingo and a Dalmatian (along with other's in between), these were the base for the breed. The are very smart. Have a ton of energy, but only have 2 speeds. On. Or off. The also are very protective over their owners. They are great dogs. I think I'm going to have Gypsy trained for working cattle.

Enough for today. I'll leave you with one last picture. This is an azalea bush. It's really pretty right now.

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Marianne said...

Is that the new dog, Gypsy, or is that Sheila?? I can´t tell the difference!