Thursday, April 10, 2008


Come on some place that needs a, whatever I'm good at. (Sorry to end in a prepositional phrase.) Please just call me about a job. I'm a little worried about the whole no job thing. Really.

Anyway, I'm just very stressed today. I feel stressed. Woke up last night stressed. Stress, stress, stress. Maybe if I run today on the treadmill I'll feel better. Gosh something has to feel better. I hate this dread.

I'm not all that depressed, even though it sounds like it. I try to see the good in everyday. I got up today. I played with my monster today. I have a job for the day. I have friends. It's a glorious day outside. But inside I have all this nervous energy. Maybe I need to take an iron pill. I'll try that and hope this crazy feeling goes away.

Until tomorrow-which is my last day at work. And I'm stressed.

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