Wednesday, April 2, 2008

OK, Today!

OK, Today. Look I'm a poet and didn't know it. Walka Walka! So I'm doing my duty and typing today. I thought I'd take a picture of a few things around the house.

The first is of my Monster. He's going to be 3 in May. He's a rodeo boy in a not so rodeo world.

Isn't he just so cute? At least when he's sleeping, right?

The next is one of our bulls. We raise bucking bulls. Yes Yes, please it's all so glam and fab. I know all you LA people screaming over here to read are like, "Oh my Gosh! I want one too."

And I just remembered a post that I had started last night. Man, I need to get on top of things. So, it's listed below.


Judith said...

Your boy is sooo cute!

Marianne said...

whatever. that kid isn´t even that cute.

FarmGirl said...

Thank you Judith. No thank you to the poopoo head Marianne. And why haven'tyou been online, or emailed me at all!!!