Sunday, April 6, 2008

My Friends!!

I really don't know where this post went. I thought I published it. So anyway...

Sunday, my best friend came to visit me. She's so cool and mega sweet. Here's her pic--

We are calling her Laura. I love her like a sister that I don't fight with. You know those kind of friends.

She and her hubby drove an hour to come visit with us. So while the big boys went to go get drinks for dinner, we ran over to see my mom. Well, Mom was working on a quilted coat. She needed to add the buttons. She pulled out the "BAG-O-BUTTONS" (to be said like some big announcer man).

Which literally,as you can see, is a pillow case FULL of buttons. Most of them are very cool. We couldn't find anything that was just perfect. So---we dyed some. Yes, You can dye buttons. We tried a couple of different kinds, but apparently not all will "accept" the dye. But we dyed the ones for her coat, and it was supper cool. (Yes, E & M-my sisters-Mom dyed buttons.) We did it.

Then we came back home. Ate chili, and some YUMMY broccoli salad that Laura makes. Gosh that stuff it good. It's the kind with raisins, carrots, and other stuff. Man it's good. We talked, had fun, then they had to leave. Which was sad.

I'll be so happy when we get to visit again.

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