Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I'm starting this blog on 4-1 late, I promise to finish tomorrow at work. I don't have a graphic program at work, so I thought I'd try to figure out something neat for the top of my blog.

I'd like:
But really that is way to fancy for us. Can't you just picture the beautiful southern plantation. Big white 2 story house with the columns in the front. 2 Land Rover's parked out side the kitchen door, horse barn about 100 yards away. Possibly horses grazing peacefully in the front of the scene.

Yeah, that's not us. We are more of this type:
This one really shows us more I think. We have a gingerbread (and that's a HUGE exaggeration) house. It's one story. REALLY old windows, horribly laid out kitchen/ everything. We have 3 cars!!! One is a 1993 F350 Truck; my car a 1993 Chrysler Concord (don't have a big-O or anything over the sexiness of this car), and the husbands work truck of a 1996 F150. Our driveway is a little rough. As in you don't come down it in anything remotely nice, or above 10mi/hr.

There is a second post today.

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