Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Second Day

This weekend was so much fun. However, because my digital camera is so crappy (and I can't get a new one until I get a job) I didn't get any action shots with it. I did, however bring my 35mm. I have to take the film to have it developed. I will be going into town on Thursday so I should be able to post them.

OK, the 2 day youth rodeo. GREAT GREAT GREAT. Really. I had a ton of fun, because we stayed overnight in the RV. Gosh that thing was great. (It's no Hyatt, it's an 1984 Chevy motor home.) We got there, set up. Did the broncs and sheep. Yeah monster and Great kid (I can't give out names, because I didn't ask.) Our friends stayed with us, which was fun as well. We got to go back to the RV, rest and wait out the 102+ barrel/pole bending riders. Next rodeo I'll take a few shots of those as well, so I can post here. Then we rode bulls-GO Great Kid!!! Camped out, slept, woke up, made breakfast, rode again.

The monster--Chillin'

Oh yeah, My wonderful husband went hunting Saturday morning. He told me I should put the following picture up. So per Husband's request:

I don't have anything great, or frugal today. I can tell you this is the second day of no job. Great. I had plans to already have the laundry room cleaned and organized. Yep, that hasn't happened yet. Um...maybe tomorrow. I will do disgusting before and after pictures.

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