Friday, April 4, 2008

Sorry Sorry Sorry

I'm really trying to post something everyday. I just remembered I didn't yesterday. I'm trying to treat this better then I do the exercise thing. You see I am trying to get back into my pre-monster clothes. I've made it to some of them...but definitely not all. So I'm trying to run on the treadmill everyday. Well...except for this week, as I haven't touched the thing in 7 days!!!!

Bad I know. Should I run 2x a day for the next week to catch up? I just might do that really. So I'll post twice today. Once while I'm here at my job (as days are ticking away until I'm laid off) and then once when I get home.

The real reason I didn't post last night was because I was working on a project. I am slowly redoing my kitchen (for under $100) I spent $1 on spray paint yesterday and I'll post pictures right after I finish painting the cabinets. That project is only 2 years old. Nice uh?

So...I post my new stove area pictures on Monday. See, if I set a date, then I will actually do it. Bad Bad Bad.

I'll write more later tonight. Thanks for looking.

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