Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just another Manic....Thursday

Do you remember that song? Well I mean it's supposed to be Monday, but it's really Thursday today, so.... Just another manic Thursday. It's raining. So we are stuck inside today. I'm very happy for the rain. Lord knows we need it. I need to iron today since I really can't do anything much outside.

What's for dinner you ask? Well not really, that's what I'm asking. I think we are going to have...spaghetti. That way I can use the bead I made the other day (since I don't have any store bought garlic bread). Thanks for helping me meal plan.

Littlest told me today after I sneezed 3 times and didn't say "bless me" that if I didn't say "bless me that I would get sick". Did you know that? So if you are sick, according to Littlest, it's because you didn't say "bless me". So--get on that!!!

Oh yeah a pic.--

View from our front porch at dusk.

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