Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It's starting to look a lot like winter. As you probably remember (because I'm sure you read and follow my blog like a stalker) we have a bottle fed calf. Her name is Hope, because we hoped she lived. I keep her up in a run in shed at night because I want to keep her alive. We have several coyotes and stray dogs in the area, she'd be easy prey. I put her out on a line/chain during the day so she can graze. I don't want her out in the big pasture with the longhorns. Hopefully Littlest will show her next year at the fairs. Well this morning her water was frozen!! Hard and almost solid. I had to break it up for her to have water today. I will have to check it at lunch.

We are preparing for Thanksgiving here. Menus have been made cooking started. There will be 25 people attending Thanksgiving at my mom's house. It will be fun fun. I like having a lot of people at the holidays. It makes you thankful for family, and it makes you thankful for quiet as well.

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Marianne said...

what am i making for the day of thanks?

FarmGirl said...

I'm not sure yet. i will need to review the menu.