Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I promise it's not a relapse

I know I missed a post yesterday. I am not going back to my old ways. I will still post 2 times a week. We have been over busy here. I thought about posting at 7:00 yesterday morning (because I post on Tuesday's and Thursday's). But our day had already been running at full speed at that time, and for about 2 hours prior. I really didn't forget you through out the day. I mean, the 2 people who read this blog were probably like "what the crap!!" But we truly didn't stop until about 2am. That's how crazy it's been. Oh but I did get a Mod Podge project done. (I really should post pictures of it.)

A few farm updates-
chickens-soon I hope. The "chicken tractor" is about done, but the Thanksgiving holiday is holding us back a little.
baby calf-doing good. She's made it through the young months healthy, lets see how she does after this first set of vaccines.
Pig-growing nicely, soon he should be in the freezer too.
Bulls-due to a futurity in a month (please let someone be interested in one at a handsome price.
Littlest Cowboy-riding in a winter series. Hopefully going to Kick BUTT!
Cowboy-still working, thank goodness
Me (aka me)-no job yet :(

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