Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Winter Cold

No I don't mean that it's cold outside. But really it is. I have a stupid old head cold. Sneezing like crazy. Nose running like a faucet. Eyes feel like they have sand in them. Oh and the bricks that are sitting on my head. It's all very nasty feeling.

Yeah. That's what I'm doing. Sorry, but we all do it sometime.

OK, So La Vida Mia I will post pictures of my unpainted chicken tractor Thursday. It hasn't gotten warm enough here to paint anything outside since we completed this project. And I am not going outside today to take the pictures. My wonderful Cowboy did my morning chores for me. He's so wonderful.

Well I'm off to disinfect areas of the house I have been today.

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Marianne said...

did you even read the paper?
i count it as a post.