Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Night

I have honestly been thinking about what to write since Tuesday last week.

But, I've got nothing...

Pathetic I know.

But I realize I've been procrastinating about a few things, so I need to write them here so maybe I'll get them finished up.

1. DE-CLUTTER. I bet it's on most people's lists. (I just did a cabinet declutter, I'd show you, but then you'd be depressed about the lack of kitchen cabinets in my home.) I need to declutter a few closets, my office, freezers & fridge, my bedroom (which means my closet) and heaven knows my garage...And devise a plan so it doesn't become so overwhelming.

2. Paperwork. I need to catch up on paperwork. I have A LOT!!!! Farm records and stuff, I'd like it done before Jan 31, but let's be realistic and say Fed 15. Again...I need a plan that I will follow so I don't keep doing this!

3. Farm store-I need to get the stove fixed out there, clean it up, take an inventory on the remaining cuts of meat that I have, and where they are, and promote them as specials (so I can get them out of the freezer...)

So there's my post. Crap I need to do...

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