Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year

The New Year pledge for this family is a spending fast. We are lucky in that we have almost no debt (except for my school loans). Our house is paid for, and we have no credit card debt. But this past year we have gone through some extensive changes. One is that I lost my full time town job. So now we are living off a farm income in the winter months (not a prosperous time for a farm). But I had money saved, and we are OK. I start a part time job off the farm next week so that will help some.

I figure that by cutting our budget (which was already slim) we will be able to save for next years winter months and put some away for our MAJOR projects. Major projects include city water, my MAIN focus this year. So on top of saving for winter months, I will be saving an additional $4,000. We live off the main road and will have to lay A LOT of pipe to the houses. So until then we live with water soluble iron. Lots of it! Lots! I think it can be done, I just have to be hardcore about it all. But I am either getting new water, or else!

I'm sure the rest of this year you'll see me pout about stuff...stuff I want. I know this farm will produce all that I need, but I know there will be stuff I want and can't have. But we are going to try to meet our goals. I'm going to be excited about this project...I probably will have to repeat that SEVERAL times this year.

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