Thursday, April 2, 2009

Not a rodeo night

Well, usually Biggest Cowboy takes a group of teenagers to a practice pen in the central part of NC on Thursdays. He didn't tonight. It has rained for a few days and he decided to cancel this weeks' trip. We had a cookout here at the house tonight instead. In the rain. yes, i know that's a fragment sentence, but sometimes it's necessary. It was so wet that we couldn't burn the brush pile we have. So we made a very small fire on the concrete (not a smart thing to do btw). At the end of the night, after we put the fire out, I took some shots of Littlest.

He was "heating" the horseshoe up in the "fire" so he could "work" on it.

Night everyone.

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BlueRidgeMtnGal said...

Okay... so Cowgirl,
THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming last week and I heard about Littlest's success this weekend (YAY). I owe you big time and miss you BUNCHES!