Thursday, March 19, 2009


OK, so I didn't post the last 2 weeks. The first time I didn't post. Biggest Cowboy didn't go to Concord for that rodeo. So I didn't get to use the computer (he's addicted to Facebook). The second Thursday I didn't think about it. We had to go down to Gainsville, FL to deal with a sudden death in the family.

So. I don't think I've posted my laundry soap recipe. It must be one of my favorite things I make. I got tried of buying the name brand soap for $8 a bottle for 26 washes which last me about...2 weeks. We wash a lot of clothes. Biggest Cowboy has a very dirty job, and Littlest Cowboy is just a boy. So I jumped online to find a nice alternative. It costs me less then $2 a run, and last me over a month!

Laundry Soap

1 bar Ivory Soap, grated
1/2 c Washing Soda
1/2 c Borox Powder

In large saucepan add 6 cups water and grated soap. Heat until soap melts. Add Washing Soda and Borox. Stir until all is dissolved. Remove from heat.

Pour 4 cups hot water in bucket. Add your soap mixture and stir. Add 1 gallon water plus 6 cups water and stir. Let sit 24 hours. It will gel up. Use 1/2 c per load.

i think this stuff cleans better then store bought soap. I will throw in OxiClean if they have been in a lot of mud. Or I might add baking soda instead. (We have red clay here not dirt. It's tough to get out of a 3 year old's pants.)

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