Friday, August 24, 2012

Fall season

Well, since I am now (at least for the next while a work from home mom) I feel the urge to blog again. Maybe I'll get in such a routine again, that I'll actually keep it up correctly. I'm going to blog about this crazy place I call home. Farm life, rodeo, the farmer's market, and the constant struggle to remain sane in it all. A few pictures here and there, dinner plans for us (sometimes) and money saving wanna be hopes. Maybe if I can make enough cash from my little farm a few renovations.

So without further ado...

Mr Cowboy

Myself---Mrs. Cowgirl

The Monster---AKA Littlest Cowboy

That's us one small and slightly productive farm/rodeo/loving family. Honestly these are some of my most favorite photos of us. The two boy shots were taken by me, and mine was taken by a good friend of ours.

Tomorrow will be a post about dinner. Did you know you can write all your posts in a day and have them post on their own!!!!!! Crazy Awesome!!!! So I'm hoping to jump on a few incase I need a few to fill in when I'm having a stressful non creative day.

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