Monday, January 5, 2009

Man oh man. A new year

Here are the pictures I promised almost 2 weeks ago. I'm sorry.

This is The Littlest new puppy Keli. She is so sweet.

This was the morning of his new pony Fancy. Yep, that's her name, Fancy. Cute uh?

I suppose he is inspecting something here. Who knows what? (FYI-This was at his grandmother's house. We were opening presents there with Cowboy's side of the family.)

And finally a shot of him grooming Fancy.

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BlueRidgeMtnGal said...

Hey beautiful... I love your new background too! Did you design it? Littlest cowboy is soooo cute and it looks like he had a dream Christmas! Miss you and hope to see you soon! Are you ready to be a huntin' widow again? I think B is trying to talk J into going with him next week :)